Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

Are you looking for the causes of depression because you or your loved one is suffering through it? If so, you must look into the following reasons or causes of depression so that you would be able to resolve them. Let’s start!

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Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal balance is among the leading causes of depression that affects the overall life of a person. Hormonal imbalance can start at any age due to any reason. For example, most of the women go through hormonal imbalance during pregnancy and ultimately become depressed. Similarly, the teens may also get hormonal imbalance that leads towards acne and depression among them.

Poor nutrition

Another most common cause of depression is the poor nutrition. Our body needs the nutrients and energy to keep performing its daily operations. If we fail to provide a good and balanced diet to our body, it would directly affect our body functioning. As a result, you would start feeling exhausted, stressed-up and even depressed.

Loss or death of any person

A most common cause of depression is the loss of any valuable possession or the death of any loved one. In both of these conditions, a normal person has the higher chances of getting depression because he is not mentally prepared for it. This sudden trauma can badly impact the mind, leading towards the onset of depression.


Unemployment is also a leading cause of depression especially if you are a sole earner of a family. In such cases, you have the responsibility of running your house or earning a livelihood for you and your family. In such a situation, if you are fired from a job or unable to find one for you, you will ultimately start feeling depression.

Poor physical health

Poor physical health is also a big contributor towards causing depression. When a person goes through poor physical health, it is confirmed that his inner health is also poor. As a result, not only the person would start feeling week or fragile but also start thinking negative about himself. Such negative feelings and lower strength leads towards depression.

Heart issue or any chronic disease

It has been seen that the majority of the patients with heart or other chronic diseases also develops the depression. As the illness become severe, they start losing the hope for life. These thoughts play a negative role in worsening their health condition while making them depressed.


Most often, people feel depression because they have become addicted to drugs. Drugs are not good for the health of a person, especially if you are over-consuming them. They start to impose adverse effects on our body. Furthermore, this drug addiction keeps on increasing with time, along with the increase in depression due to their impacts.

Stressful life events

Any type of stressful life event, such as divorce, breakup, or anything, can directly lead towards depression. Most of the people lose hope after stressful life event and this lose of hope causes the depression among them.

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