How To Stop Snoring

How To Stop Snoring

Snoring is an ignored and widespread problem in our society. It may seem harmless, but the effects of snoring can affect the sleep of the partner drastically. If you have a big meeting tomorrow and your partner can’t just stop snoring! Although a simple problem but snoring is one of if not the most annoying sleeping problem as it affects the snore-er and the partner with whom the person who snores sleeps with.

Snoring indicates a blockage in the air path and makes the person wake up many times during the night without them knowing so making their sleep very light. Prolonged snoring can strain the heart muscles to such extent that it may go through hypertrophy and ultimately a stroke, which is a significant health risk. On the short term, it makes a person have a miserable night’s sleep which eventually interferes with the daily tasks of the person and makes them tired all day when they can’t enjoy a peaceful and calm nap.

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Snoring usually occurs when there’s a partial blockage in the airway or the airway path narrows in size when they sleep so less air reaches the lungs making the body get as much air as possible which in turn creates annoying noises which we call ‘Snoring’.

Changes in lifestyle to reduce snoring

Snoring is the narrowing of the air passage or a slight blockage by the tongue of the air passage, which creates an annoying sound while sleeping affects the peace of your household and yours and others sound sleep.

Thankfully, by following some changes in your lifestyle will minimise the effects of snoring drastically.

Easing the congestion

Usually, the reason for snoring is congestion of the chest due to the flu or fever, so any over the counter nasal strips will help you ease the pathway for a good route for the air to pass resulting in the inability to snore. Easing the congesting can also be achieved by rinsing the nose with OTC saline solution or saline nasal sprays. You can also take a steamy shower before bed to soothe the air pathways.

You are lifting your head

If the reason for your air pathway blockage is your tongue not being appropriately adjusted in your mouth. Then you can buy a special kind of a pillow to lift your head in such a way that the tongue is placed in such a way that you can breathe easy and clearing the passage of air to ensure no snoring occurs. Read also

Controlling bad habits

Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol lead to the irritation of the nasal pathway, constricting it when you sleep, and the result is snoring. To ensure no snoring occurs, a person should not drink any alcohol four hours before sleeping and smoking should be completed avoided if you wish for peaceful nights.

Sleep on a side

Картинки по запросу Sleep on a side

the Best way to avoid snoring is by sleeping on a side and not on your back which obstructs the air passage leading to snoring in some people’s cases this is why it is necessary to sleep on your side rather than being on your back. To ensure you stay on your side, you can buy an anti-snore pillow to keep you in place or place a regular pillow on your back so that you don’t turn while sleeping and lie flat on your back.

Consider losing weight

Brown fat found of the neck is responsible for obstructing the throat and as a result making the person snore when they sleep.
This is why snoring is mostly reported and obese and over-weight people because the fat compresses the throat region and lessens the air that needs to flow, resulting in disturbing snoring.

Keep the bedroom humid

Most of the time, dryness in the air results the dryness of the mouth, this constricts the throat reducing the amount of air reaching in the lungs makes the body snore.
This can be avoided by keeping an air humidifier in your room to humidify your room will help in your throat from drying while you sleep, resulting in minimal or no snoring throughout the night.

Taking care of your meals

It is seen that as the age of the person increases so does the throat size decreases or constricts, making it easy to snore. As age is not dependent on the person, this is why it is essential to take good care of your lifestyle like eating light meals before bed as heavy meals or eating dairy-like products before sleeping makes the snoring worse.

Medical Treatment

If simple before-bed remedies aren’t for you, then the best treatment now left is medical treatment. If your condition is worsening day by day and lifestyle adjusting remedies are not helping you at all, then the best solution is surgery. Consult your ENT specialist and according to your condition, you can appropriately either take medication to soothe your throat muscles or get a machine to use as a mask before you sleep to ease your throat and nasal tissues helping in less snoring. If this is still not enough, then you can get surgery done to get implants which will make sure you never snore again. Medical treatment and surgery is the last line of defence against snoring, and the primary or first line of defence is the change in lifestyles must be applied first, but if they do not prove to be helpful, then surgery should be the last resort to get rid of this annoyance.


Snoring is the most annoying problem with our race. Snoring not only affects the peace of the person who is suffering from it, but it affects the peace of everyone sleeping in the vicinity of the snoring person.

Although it is an ignored problem, it can lead to obstruction of the airway, heart problems and lack of sleep which will make a person unproductive for the entire day, this is why it is best to get it cured either by lifestyle adjustments or medical treatments as a last resort.

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