“The Neighborhood Clinic is grounded on the belief that healing occurs where physical and medical care is accompanied by consistent emotional support and a regard for the whole person. Therefore, in response to the Spirit, we at the Neighborhood Clinic endeavor to meet each person as an individual, to heal, to bind up wounds, to teach and to advocate for those in need. We strive to foster an emotionally supportive atmosphere, focusing on holistic care for all of those we welcome though our door.” To provide

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General Information


1323 South Yakima Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone 253-627-6353

Fax 253-779-0441

Website http://neighborhoodclinictacoma.org

Type of Care Provided

  • Medical
  • Pharmacy/Dispensary
  • Primarily Urgent Care

Volunteer Opportunities

Neighborhood Clinic is always looking for Primary health care providers: MDs, ARNPs, PAs, Medical Residents. Nurses: RNs, LPNs, Medical Assts. – to meet, greet and assess patients and assist the medical care providers.

Taking New Patients?

Yes. approx. 50% of each clinic’s clients are new.

Obtaining Medical Care at this Clinic

If you have more questions, please call the clinic directly.

Eligibility Requirements

  • No age discrimination.
  • Most of our pts. live on less than $699 per month – not a requirement however

Proof of Eligibility

  • None


  • FREE. We do not accept Medical Coupons. For those with medical insurance or chronic needs, we may see them one time and then assist them in finding a medical home.

Priority Clients

  • Urgent Care

Interpretation Available for:

  • Spanish
  • Russian/Ukranian

Clinic Schedule

Hours of Operation

  • Monday 5PM SIGN-IN – until finished
  • Thursday 5 PM SIGN-IN – until finished
Obtaining Appointments

  • No appts. offered. Strictly walk-in, first come first served. Altho’ based on need may make appts. to see our specialists: Gynecologist, Dermatologist, Psychologist, Massage/physical therapist
  • Wait Time To Be Seen
    • Depends on sign in position. Average 120 minutes unless last 5 to sign in, could be as long as 4 hrs. But rarely.

Public Transportation

  • Tacoma City Bus

Specific Services Available

Medical Services

  • Immunizations

Special Clinics

  • Gynecology by appt.
  • Psychologists by appt.
  • Dermatology and Physical/massage therapy by appt.
  • Childhood Immunizations 4th Monday of each month
Chronic Disease Treatment

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Disease
  • Kidney Disease
  • Back Pain

Enabling Services

  • Social Services
  • Referral Resources
  • Pharmaceutical Assistance
  • Interpretive services Spanish & Russian

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